Live Stream Yoga Classes

​​​How to Join a Live-stream Yoga Class

You need a smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet.  Someone who only has a telephone can call in to get an audio feed.  

- Arrive at class 15 minutes early

- All classes now require a password which you can get from Lisa - contact here

- Fill out your name so Lisa will recognize you

- Lisa will admit you to the class and provide instructions if needed

Computers (Mac and PC), laptops or desktop ahead of time or 15 minutes before start time, click the link provided on the Schedule Page.  It will take you through a few steps to connect you. Check that your computer's video and microphone are working on the site.  Now you are ready to join the class.  You can then use the same link throughout the month to join the class. Next month may be a new link.

Tablets, and smartphones first must download the Zoom App from your APP store.  Then the link on the Schedule page will take you to the class.

Telephones (audio only) contact Lisa by email


                                         SCHEDULE / LINKS


Tips for Being a Student in the Live Stream Yoga Class

When you join the class, 15 minutes early, we will all learn how to "pin" our video to speaker view (to see only the teacher).  When teaching, Lisa will mute all microphones.  Hold questions to the end.  Please stay muted throughout class, then Lisa will unmute everyone after the final OM.

The instructor may not be able to see you during the class.  Some modifications will be suggested, but move slowly, breathe and feel.  Modify or do less as needed.


Please sit and share at the end for a few moments.  Email any feedback.

Payment Options

I am offering these live stream yoga classes in 3 ways per calendar month.


  1. Unlimited all classes for the month for $40/($25 for Chair & Mat only classes Tues 3pm

     and Sat 9am), includes pre-recorded audio and video available on this website.

  2. Drop-in price:

               single senior Chair & Mat yoga class $5 (Tues 3pm or Sat. 9am)

               single regular yoga class $12. (Tues 6pm or Thurs 6pm)

  3. By donation/free price for those affected by our national health crisis and their

      personal income has been impacted.


      How to Pay

(If you get to class via the Open Spirit Center website, please make an appropriate donation to them, on the livestream page.)

       Contact Lisa
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