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  • Can I begin yoga at my age, with my aches and pains, or lack of flexibility?"
    It is never too late to start yoga. Lack of flexibility, having pain, or just getting off the couch is not an excuse to hold you back from moving. Movement creates health and yoga is a gentle and kind way to get everything moving again. Lisa's classes create safety and a fun way to rediscover your wonderful body and freedom from tightness and pain.
  • What are the benefits of yoga?
    The most well known benefits are stress reduction, increased flexibility, and a greater sense of peace. More surprising are these: strengthening of weak muscles, better balance, ease of breathing, improved mood, pain relief, weight management, improved circulation, cardiovascular conditioning, better body alignment, clarity, and focus. You may get many of these benefits if you find the right yoga class for you! Yoga was practiced to help the student be able to sit in meditation. Although, this may not be your goal, note that to achieve this, one would need good health, fitness and a peaceful mind. These are the "side-effects" of a yoga asana practice. If you are looking for health, fitness or peace of mind, then join Lisa's Kripalu Yoga class today.
  • What should I wear and/or bring to yoga class?
    Wear clothing that allows you to move comfortably. We are not yoga chic, so sweat pants or yoga pants and a not too baggy shirt will be fine. It is helpful for the teacher to see how your body is moving, so that she can make helpful suggestions and modifications. For sanitary reasons, you might like to have your own yoga mat. Mats may be provided in some venues. Contact us to be sure. The classroom will not be hot and it is best NOT to drink water during class. You can drink some water 1/2 hour before class. Eat lightly 1 hour before class if needed. Don't eat a huge meal right before class. It's probably best not to have a lot of caffeine right before class either, if you would like to relax.
  • Why are your sessions still only online?
    The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-2022 has made me more cautious for two reasons. 1st, I am protective of family members who are more at risk to Covid and Long Covid, then most of society. 2nd, I am protective of others who would attend my class who may be more at risk or have family that is more at risk. Many of my students and clients are over age 65 and have close family members in this category. It is hard to do yoga wearing a good mask. And Not everyone will wear a mask.. This will put me and others at risk. Everyone who has joined our online program loves the classes and get 99% of the benefits. We lose the opportunity for one-on-one adjustments - honestly I historically stayed away from them and adjusted postures via language instead of pushing or pulling on a student. We all miss the in-person comradery of being together and try to get a little of that before and after class. My classes are live-streamed and still created by the energy of everyone attending. ALL of my classes are unique. I trust that students will get what they need from each class and continue to provide feedback to me so that improvements can be made. I use professional lighting, webcam and microphones for good sound and clear visual cues. Please join us for a revitalizing and relaxing yoga experience.
  • What are my responsibilities during a yoga class?
    Always consult with your physician to see if starting a new exercise program is right for you. Let your instructor know if any health condition changes. You are responsible to keep yourself safe and free from injury. You can do this by discontinuing movement that hurts. Always feel free to ask a question when you are not sure about something. Slow and attentive movements help you to be aware of what your body can and should not do. On the intake form, please make the instructor aware of all health conditions and medications that may affect your ability to move and breath well during class. The instructor may give you modifications based on the information you report. Please practice these suggestions. It may be a good idea to have a private session if your health is complicated. Please arrive on time and leave at the end. If you need to arrive late or leave early, please do not disturb the class and sit near the door. No cell phone usage, or keep on silent. Do not step on other's mats. Don't distract your neighbor with conversation during class. Don't pack up your stuff when the class is in silent meditation or centering - it is disturbing.
  • What are Lisa's trainings and qualifications?
    Lisa has been teaching yoga for over 40 years. She is a Kripalu Yoga Certified Teacher and a National Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor. Lisa holds a certification in teaching Senior Yoga which focuses on keeping senior bodies safe while enjoying yoga. She also holds a bachelors and masters degree in Physics and continually studies research and new information on health, fitness, diet, neurology, yoga, and meditation. Lisa is a Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition and has been a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner.
  • What should I expect during a Reiki distance Healing Session?
    You and Lisa will arrange an appointed time that Lisa will do the distance Reiki Healing Session. Payment is made by check in the mail and session will be confirmed after payment is received. You may actively participate in receiving the session by being seated or lying in relaxation during the scheduled time, or you may go about your daily activities. Clients may or may not "feel" the session, but pay attention to any changes afterward - in the hours and days ahead. Please email Lisa a few days later as a follow up to the session/s.
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