Warrior Pose

January 5, 2019

 Warrior Pose


Probably best done indoors and without gators

Stand in Mountain Pose at the front of your mat and step back with the right leg.

Back foot is flat (not up on toes), slightly angled out at 45 degree angle.

Front knee bends, but not past the ankle (not good for your knee.)

Find your full deep breath, if you haven't already.

Heart center at the center of chest turns slightly to face forward.

Hips face, where-ever, don't wrench them around to face forward.

Raise your arms (forward or to side, until they are overhead, palms face each other, arms shoulder distance apart.

Soft gaze to horizon. Breathe deeply and feel your strength, inner and outer. Hold 30sec-1min.

Those with shoulder issues or COPD, bring hands to prayer position at heart center.

Those just beginning or with hip or knee issues, or any chronic pain, step into and out of the pose repeatedly 3-4 times (slowly) rather than holding for a long time.


Breathe, Relax, Feel, Witness, Allow.

Lisa Davidson teaches Kripalu Yoga in the Framingham/Natick area (since 1981)  These yoga classes build health and awareness, strength, flexibility and contentment.  Join a series or drop-in. Lisa also offers healing sessions in Polarity and Reiki.  It is especially helpful for stress reduction and annoying conditions that nothing seems to help.  Often when the energy imbalance is resolved, the physical issues are as well.


contact lisa at whiteviewyoga@gmail.com

see class schedule at whiteviewyoga.com/classes


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