2018 Sequence 1

January 16, 2018




We have started 2018 with a new yoga sequence.  It is especially intended to increase flexibility in the shoulders, strength in the wrists arms and shoulders, core strength, and flexibility in the spine.  Each week we will be adding to the sequence. The sequence is similar in the beginner class and moderate class with different holding times and modifications.


I have been reading recent studies that show that for women with osteoporosis, yoga provides a statistical improvement in bone density of about 5%, same as some medications.  This is if you practice 3-4 times per week, 1 hour each time.


This is an indication that all of the many benefits of yoga are maximized when practiced more than once per week.  Those of you who have been doing a weekly yoga class forever, because it helps you in whatever your personal benefit area is, will find greater improvement of your health, if you start a home practice, several times a week.


I have provided my stick figure handouts for this sequence and hope that as we strengthen and stretch each part of ourselves, you will be able to progress to the harder poses included in the sequence.  The rule of listening to your body first, always applies.  Be kind to your body.  Don't push with the mind, but progress is a sign of a healthy body.


I am happy to work in a short private session (30 min) with you, if you want to go over some specific parts of your home practice.  Let me know and we can schedule a time.



Lisa Davidson is a long time Kripalu Yoga Instructor teaching  in Boston's Metrowest community.  You can see her schedule and info at whiteviewyoga.com

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