Busy, Stress, Overwhelm, Aches and Pains: I need yoga in my life

September 10, 2017



Well how much yoga do I need.  One class once in awhile?  One class per week?.  Daily practice?

How about every moment?


When we practice yoga on a regular basis, its' expansive awareness leads to slowing down, decreased reactivity, a more open heart and greater compassion, ease of movement, and greater enjoyment of each moment, no matter what the content of the moment is. 


I think of it as happening in percentages.  In the beginning, we start to notice feeling a little better more often - 10% of the time, then 30% of the time.  Then we start to notice mental and emotional stability and joy more often in the same way, a greater percentage of the time as we continue to practice.  Then we start to have the effects on awareness.  The mind is rewiring itself in helpful ways. Stressful things happen, but we don't get stressed.  Painful things happen, but we don't suffer as much.  The normal ups and downs of life continue to occur, but we go up and down much less. The ripples on the pond are there, but don't really affect the pond.


It is possible to experience yoga (the union of body, mind and spirit in every moment). Seems too good to be true.  It is not a quick fix, a pill, but rather a practice, both physical and mental, that helps us on all levels to be happy, healthy and whole.  Science is now showing all these results that practicing yogis and yoginis have known for all time.

Join Lisa in a Beginner Yoga class on Tuesdays at 6pm.  the 7 week series starts this week on 9/12.  Contact Lisa to register.


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