Healthy Joints and Yoga

August 22, 2017




There are two main things we conscious humans can do to keep the ends of our bones healthy and playing nicely with their neighbors: 

                       Eat well and keep moving.


You can consult a nutritionist to discover eating well, but I suggest a well rounded diet that includes a lot of whole and live foods (not frozen or canned), especially in the summer.  Fruits and vegies abound. Cooked and raw in balance is best.  Get more Omega 3’s and less Omega 6’s in right proportions.  Ask your nutritionist or the amazing internet or the American Arthritis Foundation for more info.  Recently I am exploring herbs and supplements that help joints and decrease inflammation, like turmeric, bromelain, papain, and quercetin.


What I am qualified to teach you is to just keep moving.  Walking everyday is important if you are sedentary and don’t do other aerobic type exercises.  Yes, get something aerobic exercise in your life.


In addition: do Yoga!  It keeps all of your joints moving AND in a gentle way.  Movement encourages the health of the joint, keeping it lubricated, active and responsive.  Tissue hardens when it is not used and moved.


Studies have shown that movement such as yoga, lessens pain, inflammation, and improves ease of movement for those with arthritis.  For those who don’t have this condition, you can do a lot to prevent it through yoga.


I hope you can join a class near you soon.


Lisa Davidson, RYT500 offers a variety of yoga classes and healing work in the Framingham, Natick and Wayland areas.  Group classes are available on weekday evenings and Saturday AM.  Senior Chair and Mat class is in the afternoon in Natick.  Private sessions are offered at Longfellow Health Center and at your home.  Visit our schedule page or contact Lisa at here.  Lisa has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 35 years.





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