June 12, 2017


This yoga teacher tells you these 3 things:

  • Set a time aside each day for practice.

  • Set a place that is quiet and un-distracted. Even put your yoga mat out all the time and make it easy to step on to it.

  • Practice yoga prior to eating a meal. For many, before breakfast is a good time.    


NOTE If your body is digesting, it will not appreciate yoga’s rotation, inversion and compression that happens to a full stomach.  It’s layering of proper digestive juices work most efficiently while remaining in its vertical layers. (when you eat meat, HCl surrounds that layer, when you eat carbs, your saliva is the best digesting enzyme for efficiently breaking down to sugars.  When you are actively twisting and inverting, these layers get mixed and become less efficient at digestion)


So, you have established a regular practice, but have days when the mind does not cooperate, for instance:  What if I am having a busy day, or visiting friends or family and things are planned and time is short and the routine is broken?


When you don’t feel like practicing, when your mind is too caught in the next upcoming activity, or too dull to focus, get on the mat anyway.  This is the most important time to just step out of the ordinary and be invited to the mat. You know you will feel better, less pain, less discomfort, more ease, more clarity, and more peace.


Easier said than done, you say? Sometimes we chose to stay in the land of the distracted. At these times, how do I get unstuck and willing to practice?


Breathe, just breathe.


That’s how to start.  If you have participated in a few group yoga classes, your body will recognize this breathing as the start to your yoga practice.  Breathing is the easiest way to transition to become a willing yoga participant.  You can do yogic breathing anywhere and almost anytime.  (I don’t recommend it while driving.  Keep your attention on the road and not inward.)


Start a relaxing breath (3 diaphragmatic breaths) and slowly move into 3 full yogic breaths and perhaps your body will sit up.  Now you are more likely to step on to the mat.



Choose any 3 yoga poses, just 3. Do a warm up before you start your 3.  Allow the 3 to lead you into any extra movements or poses that feel right. Relax at the end, even if just for 1 minute.  Or 3.




Lisa Davidson teaches Kripalu Yoga in the Boston Metrowest area.  For over 30 years she has offered a relaxing yet challenging style of yoga that encourages a home practice, so that you have it for the rest of your life.  A Reiki Master and Polarity Practitioner, her healing services compliment the process of returning to wholeness with yoga, proper nourishment, meditation, and healing.







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