What on Earth - the microbiome

April 11, 2017


 I recently watched an animated short film from Canada called What on Earth


It showed an interpretation of what aliens would think if they saw earth and thought that the cars that we drive in were actually the earthlings themselves.  You know, how their life is made up of games (driving), baths (car washes), doctor visits (repair shops) etc.


Then this one line hit me. It went something like this

-Like all beings of the universe, earthlings have parasites.- then the animation shows an animated mom, dad, kid and dog falling out of the car and off into animated Neverland insignificant and unimportant, but they mention - manageable.


In reality,  the misperception of the aliens missed that the “parasites” were the real earthlings, with the real control over the car and the real inhabitants of the earth, and that the car was just the vehicle.


Have you been reading lately about the human microbiome; how we have more cells in our bowels that are genetically “foreign” to us than are the same. Trillions of cells that we traditionally thought just break down the last bit of food and help eliminate waste;  more “parasitic” then actually a part of us.


What if the medical perception of how our bodies actually work has been wrong – like the interpretation of the space aliens in the animation.  What if this body is just the vehicle? (and I am not speaking spiritually – whole other interpretation).  That’s how parasites work you know.


Science is discovering more and more everyday about the human microbiome.  It can affect our moods, inflammation – and that’s most diseases, as well as our digestion.  Anecdotally, some doctors are claiming to reduce symptoms and diseases by changing types of food intake that affects the microbiome.  Researchers will be catching up for the next 10-20 years.

What if it is true?  What if getting the right probiotics and prebiotics would make a significant difference in how this vehicle operates, including mental function?  What if our minds are not driving this car, but our gut is?


Better get your prebiotics (chicory, onions, garlic, asparagus, green bananas, burdock, jicama and ground psyllium) and probiotics (The most common are bacteria that belong to groups called Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, but I bet they will discover more of what is actually good and what is actually bad for this vehicle operation in time.)


Probiotics are what we have been told about for the last 30 years.  Take them after a round of antibiotics to help restore your intestinal flora.  Perhaps more often would be good? 

Prebiotics is the new craze that science is just discovering.  The fermentation of the indigestible fibers of these foods feed the healthy bacteria in your colon.  Some claim that sugar, alcohol, wheat and other foods do the opposite.


What’s a vehicle to do? What I always do is experiment to see how something makes me feel. However I can’t figure on the long term affects, until it’s too late, or too good.


Get more info.  Read up, readers.  Take care of your parasites, or should I say earthlings.


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Lisa Davidson offers polarity therapy and reiki healing at Longfellow Health Center in Wayland MA.  She has been teaching yoga in the Boston area for over 35 years.

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