Successful Life Changes 3: No Pain, No Pain

March 22, 2017



A friend of mine told me that she was had started a year long online Masters program.  I asked her how long she would be spending in front of the computer monitor.  She said about 20 hrs per week.  That’s 20 hrs sitting and focusing on a lighted screen 1.5 feet away that she was not doing before this time.


I suggested a few things that may help prevent future problems from repetitive strain, eye strain and building tight muscles.  We will look at them one by one in 3 blog posts. This is number 3.






Sitting for a long time will tighten the hamstrings(back of thighs) and hip flexors(top front of thighs).  Most standing yoga poses will help these two areas.  Lunges, warriors, bridge, dancer pose, forward folds and modifications of all of these poses will help to stretch out these tightening muscles.  Moving or standing up every 15-20 minutes is helpful. 


I personally find myself so focused that I forget or don’t want to take the time to move.  Then I pay the price.


Recent research has shown that two 1 hour yoga practices per week helps back pain and reduces anxiety.  I agree with this recommendation for preventing tension and stress and all the ills that come with them.  It can be accomplished with 2  classes per week, 1 classes and 1 home practice, or many short yoga sessions.  Doesn’t matter. Get on your mat, or at least off the chair.


We can take on a new challenge and we can do so successfully without unintended consequences if we consider the possible effects on our body and mind. Yoga and relaxation techniques are a very effective compliment to any changes we make in our lives.


Lisa Davidson, Nationally Registered Yoga Teacher, helps students live healthy, happy and peaceful lives through yoga, polarity therapy and reiki. She offers private sessions to educate and guide students to practice yoga and holistic skills, but most of all guided by their own highest wisdom.  Lisa’s Kripalu Yoga classes are offered in Framingham and Natick.  Contact Lisa to join a class or make an appointment.  You can see her class schedule at

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