Being "Yogic" During THIS Election

November 6, 2016

I remember the 2nd W election and how freaked out some were.  How do you trust that if you least favorite candidate is elected that the country will survive?  Well W was someone's least favorite and survive we did.  Same is true today.  No matter who you dislike more, we will survive.


That said, the way to be "yogic" is to just be.  Sometimes that means feeling peaceful, accepting, loving, caring and all those "good" qualities.  Sometimes, however, it means feeling sad or angry or any of those "bad" qualities.  In your peaceful and happy moments it's easy to be 100% peaceful and happy.  However, In your angry and frustrated moments, can you be 100% angry and frustrated without being critical of yourself.  What you resist persists, so speaking to your mind, I say, be how you are, without judgement and move on.  The moments all will move on.


We can be frustrated and angry and see our child/grandchild do something wonderful and we shift into the opposite.  We can be happy/peacefull and experience some mild or horrific tragedy and we shift into some other state.  Our lives are filled with opposites, the nature of the human condition.  Sometimes it happens on a short term scale, sometimes over years.


When we can step back and observe the constant changing of life, mind, situations, we see the up and the down.  All this doesn't mean we don't work hard and fully engage towards some end we are driven to support, but letting go of the end result is the key to the end of our suffering.  Just do it and let go.




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