Take Time for Yourself

September 29, 2016


I, like most of us, find life's scheduling can overwhelm me.  I must make the effort to eat well, sleep well, and occasionally slow down.  Even more importantly, I must schedule my exercise and yoga.  Yoga for me is easy.  It's the first thing I do in the morning when I roll out of bed.  If I can just get myself on the mat, before I walk out into the living room, I settle, focus, breath and the end result is a short or long practice.


Even better is when I schedule a whole morning for myself, no plans, no work and curiously see what happens.  I may end up doing errands, or a meditation, or a bike ride, or binge watch a tv show, but it is exciting to see what fills the space when I actually create a short amount of time with no agenda.  My mind relaxes. I don't allow guilt for not doing the 50 other things on my lists.  Each action arises spontaneously. The long term result in my life is not feeling overwhelmed.


Try it some time.  Schedule time to do nothing.

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