Does Your Yoga Class Keep You Safe?

August 27, 2016



Doctors and Physical Therapists report an increase in injuries due to participation in yoga classes.  Should this worry you?  Not if you know how to take care of yourself in your yoga class. 


Kripalu Yoga not only encourages students to "listen to their body" but makes students practice this by exploring the range of a stretch and finding an individuals perfect practicing place.  Senior Yoga classes should put even more restrictions on those with certain conditions.


Here are some examples. 


Seniors and all with osteoporosis should not practice unsupported seated forward bends especially on the floor, unless they can keep their spine lengthened and not arched forward (most non practicing yogis cannot)


Yoga Students with heart conditions and metabolic syndrome should not put stress on their bodies through inversions (shoulderstand, handstand, headstand and sometimes even a standing forward bend).


Students with arthritis should not hold postures for lengthened period of time.  It is much better for the joints to move into and out of postures many times rather than to hold for 1 or 2 minutes.


Your yoga teacher should know these things or send you to an appropriately trained instructor.  Join Lisa Davidson for safe, inviting yoga classes for Beginners, continuing students and chair yoga this fall.  Schedule



Keep moving and aging won't catch up with you.

Blogger, class instructor, healing practitioner, and Reiki Master Lisa Davidson has been teaching yoga and healing for over 35 years.  Lisa is a Kripalu Yoga certified teacher and is also certified in teaching yoga to seniors.  She offers group and private Kripalu yoga classes and also loves to keep us young in senior yoga classes (Saturday Chair Yoga Class at 9am).  She founded Center for Yoga and Healing, providing yoga and reiki in Framingham for almost a decade.  Classes are still offered in the Framingham area, and healings at Longfellow Health Center in Wayland, MA.  You can find more info at  Lisa can respond quickly to any questions at Join us for our Fall classes starting in September.


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