Energy Healing: Reiki and Polarity Therapy for Stressful Times

September 10, 2016


Reiki is a profound healing technique where "ki", the healing energy of universe, is transferred into the client and allowed to be used for healing wherever needed. Polarity Therapy is a balancing of the human energy field through the use of practitioner hand placement and holding, modified yoga called Polarity Yoga, cleansing diets, and self inquiry for a more positive outlook. 


But how could that possibly help you?  Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed by something in your life?  Do you feel stuck?  Do you have a condition that just won't get better?  These are the conditions for which I personally get an energy healing session.  At times I would get weekly sessions, other times a session every 3-4 weeks keeps me in balance.  Each session would keep me centered and active in my life without the overwhelm.


Healing sessions can have a positive impact on the physical, mental and emotional well being.  Several sessions over several weeks can create more permanent changes via stress reduction, insight, and relaxation.  So many of our illnesses are related to stress responses.  As we learn to deal with stress, our health naturally improves.


Why not just a massage?  Massage Therapy is a very important treatment modality for healing muscular injuries.  Some people use it for stress reduction as well.  In Energy Healing sessions like Polarity and Reiki, the session is done fully clothed, contacts are light or off the body, which some people prefer to massage.  The main difference is in intention - a balancing of the energy field leading to deep relaxation.


You can read more about Polarity Therapy and Reiki here.  Find out more about becoming a Reiki Practitioner and doing this profound healing on yourself here.


Blogger, class instructor, healing practitioner, and Reiki Master Lisa Davidson has been offering healing and teaching yoga for over 35 years. Lisa offers Polarity Therapy and Reiki healings at Longfellow Health Center in Wayland, MA.   She founded Center for Yoga and Healing, providing yoga and Reiki in Framingham for almost a decade. Classes are still offered in the Framingham area, You can find more info at Lisa can respond quickly to any questions at Sign up for a healing session this fall. 



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