5 Reasons to Do Chair Yoga

August 9, 2016


We all go through periods of time when a modified yoga practice is the best way to get the many benefits of yoga.  Seniors can enjoy worry free, revitalizing, relaxing, and strengthening yoga postures done in and around the chair.  Those recovering from an injury or have cancer and other challenging illnesses can also relax and strengthen with the support of a chair.


1.  Relaxation:  One of the prime benefits of yoga is stress reduction.  Postures done slowly, relax and tone muscles,and focus and relax the mind.


2.  Balance:  Improving the strength of our legs, hips and back helps us to move with ease, have more stability and avoid falls, and do our sporting activities with confidence.  Here is the yoga posture Tree Pose done with a chair for support.


3.  Improved Health:  Over many years, students report all kinds of health improvements from their doctor check ups including good diabetic numbers, decreased pain levels, lower blood pressure, elimination of depression, being taller (not kidding), even better dental health.  Yoga alone is not the cure, but it mostly likely helps both at the cellular level and improves the attitude and motivation for making the other necessary changes that improve our health.




4. Flexibility:  Many regular yoga poses that are unavailable to seniors and those who are injured or sick, can be done with a chair.  This side angle pose improve flexibility in the hips, shoulders, and improves our breathing.


Most yoga postures bring youth to our spine.  They also keep our joints flexible.  More importantly, they keep our mind flexible too.










5.  Safety:  Those of us with aging conditions such a osteoporosis, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, and chronic pain, MUST modify our yoga practice to not do harm to our body.  In yoga, one of the first principles is ahimsa, or non harm.


Postures should not force the body into positions and they should modify the use of gravity on our stretching. Here is a very kind twist for sensitive bodies.


Blogger, class instructor, healing practitioner, and Reiki Master Lisa Davidson has been teaching yoga and healing for over 35 years.  She offers group and private Kripalu yoga classes and also loves to keep us young in senior yoga classes (Saturday Senior Yoga Class at 9am).  She founded Center for Yoga and Healing, providing yoga and reiki in Framingham for almost a decade.  Classes are still offered in the Framingham area, and healings at Longfellow Health Center in Wayland, MA.  You can find more info at  WhiteViewYoga.com.  Lisa can respond quickly to any questions at whiteviewyoga@gmail.com. Join us for our Fall classes starting in September.



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