Am I Free to Choose?





Here is Ep. 3 of Stephen Hawking's Genius, a scientific (not mystical) look at determinism vs free will.  I am still a fatalist, living in this one particular universe and not another of the infinite possible universes.  I don't believe that I have free choice over anything.  Everything that I do, choose, not choose, not do is based on everything that has happened prior to this moment. Including which candy I would choose.


When I sit and do nothing, things still start to happen, even without a conscious choice on my part.  I have used the practice of sitting as an experiment.  Not meditating, not contemplating, just sitting neutral for awhile, as an observer.  Every time, I eventually do something unexpected and not consciously chosen.  I might sit for 30 minutes then a new task takes over my actions.  Sometimes it's just for a few minutes.  I don't set limits, or rules.  I just sit.


If you watch the PBS video, please let me know what you think.

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