Refresh Your Body: Spring Time Polarity Cleanse

April 8, 2016


Now is a great time to change our eating habits.  Winter naturally requires a few more calories to keep us warm and for some we are more sedentary.  As the weather warms up, we can't wait to get outside and walk, ride, garden etc. Dr. Randolf Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, developed a Spring Cleanse that transforms the pH of your internal systems and puts your body into "cleanse" mode.  It is even measurable with saliva strips.


A spring cleanse will help you give up eating habits that you would like to change.  Sugar and caffeine can be addicting as can heavy eating patterns.  Here is some information about why a cleanse can help you improve your eating habits.

First some info you probably did not know.  As the food we eat is digested it leaves an ash that is not absorbed and passes through our digestive system.  The pH of the ash influences the whole digestive system and many systems in throughout the body. Recent research shows that a slightly acidic pH is challenging to your immune system and a slightly basic pH improves your digestion and boosts your immune system. The basic pH also puts the body into a cleanse mode.  Alternately, acidic ash is thought to help the body build muscle and cells throughout our being.  This is an important part of cell production, but an even more acidic pH is related to illness in the body.


Meats and carbs create an acidic ash, fruit and live vegetables create a basic ash.  Hence the reason why fasts often use fruit and vegetable juices.  Fruits and vegetables encourage the body to cleanse toxins out of the cells and cleanse cells from the system as they are replaced.


The one to three day Polarity Cleanse is intended to put the body into a slightly basic pH to encourage cleansing on the cellular level.  It is less extreme than a juice fast and much less extreme than the Master Cleanse.  It includes a cleansing tea made from several tasty herbs, a liver flush for breakfast, snacks of juice, a wonderful salad with dressing for lunch and a choice of dinner (repeat of salad, cooked vegies, or fruit).  The juice I like is called the colon broom and helps cleanse and improve the health of this important organ.


The cleanse can last 1,2,or 3 days. (not longer). The length depends on the state of your body when you start.  Lisa will help you determine the best length of time for you or if you should even do a cleanse.  Some folks should make other changes to their diet first before cleansing.


The cleanse can be done with accompanying polarity therapy treatments that will help the lymphatic system and body cleansing.  You can contact Lisa to set up 2 or 3 appointments to educate you, treat you and follow up, around the time you would like to do the cleanse.  All appointments include a bodywork session.  You will receive information to help make the cleanse easy and a shopping list.



Lisa practices at the Longfellow Health Center in Wayland, MA.  She is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and has been practicing since the early 1980's.  You can contact Lisa at or call 508 358-4900 to make an appointment.

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