Reiki for Arthritis

March 28, 2016




Reiki is a hands-on (and off) healing technique that brings deep relaxation and relief from symptoms of dis-ease.  Arthritis sufferers often report relief from arthritis pain that can last a few days or a week.  Many nurses use Reiki on their patients in hospitals and most chronic pain centers offer reiki sessions as an option to manage pain.


During a Reiki session, the client rests comfortably on a massage table while the Reiki practitioner lightly places her hands on the head and various parts of the body.  Some on or close to painful places and some a distance away.  The intention is to allow Reiki Universal Healing Energy to flow to the places it is needed most for healing and balance.  Clients most often experience warmth from the hands and a deep state of relaxation.  Headaches and other pains can lessen.  Multiple sessions can be most beneficial.


Lisa Davidson is a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master and Teacher and has been practicing energy healing for over 30 years.  You can book an appointment with her at the Longfellow Health Center in Wayland at (508) 358-4900.

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