Yoga for those with Osteoporosis

March 15, 2016


More than 27 million of us in the United States have osteoporosis, with as many as 80% being women.  Almost everyone over age 75 has some bone loss, or "porous bones".  Studies show that exercise is one of the three catalysts that help build healthy bones.  Safe exercise and practice of yoga is important as we age; as important as taking in enough calcium and vitamin D in our diet.


Weight bearing and resistance exercises are positive activities which do the most for building a strong bone structure throughout life.  Postural exercises, such a yoga, strengthen out of shape muscles, hold you in good alignment, and prevent injury.  There are some movements that could be important to avoid, like:    1


- High impact and jerking movements, like jumping or vigorous aerobics.

- Exercises that ask the spine to support much of your body's weight, like entering/exiting headstand, handstand or shoulderstand (see the picture and never do this).

- Exercises and sports that round the back, such as sit-ups, hanging forward bends, and rowing. Even seated forward bends could challenge some spines.

- Exercises that exaggerate the twist near the end of the rotation.


When we learn how to safely move in yoga class, we learn how to use proper body mechanics in our regular living activities.  This all does not mean that we cannot continue practicing the yoga and sports we learned in early or mid life.  However, knowing proper alignment and precautions will keep us healthy and strong well into our futures.


In Babyboomer Yoga, we adhere to these alignments and precautions for all students so we can learn safe movement well into our future. Join us on a Saturday morning 9am in Saxonville for yoga instruction that will keep you strong, safe and peaceful well into your senior years.  There is no time to start yoga like Now!  I (Lisa) also teach private yoga to those who would like very specific practice protocols for their conditions.


Contact me below or write to me at Lisa. 

Class info here.


1  Healing Moves:  How to Cure, Prevent Common Ailments with Exercise.  Carol Krucoff and Mitchell Krucoff, MD.


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