Yoga for Healthy Aging

March 7, 2016


Are you over 50?  Are you new to yoga?  Have you been practicing for a long time but things are changing in your body?  Yoga has so many real short term and long term benefits that one can forget that precautions may apply for conditions that develop as we age.


It is important to learn and remember when it is ok to practice certain postures and asana and when it is not.  When a condition develops in your body that affects your movement or comfort level, it is best to visit your healthcare practitioner and get a proper diagnosis.  Then ask your Dr. if it is ok to practice yoga and if any specific movement(s) are contraindicated or limited for a short time.


From time to time I will offer posts under the Healthy Aging title that explain ways to modify your practice and things to avoid if you have certain conditions.  Yoga can improve ease of movement, strength, flexibility and internal ill-at-easeness.  There are important recommendations if you have any of these (and more) conditions:


Osteoporosis / Osteopenia                

High Blood Pressure (uncontrolled)                        

Metabolic Syndrome

Chronic Pain

COPD, Asthma


Spinal Stenosis



Chance of Stroke




I am now offering classes in senior yoga called Babyboomer Yoga on Saturdays and new classes soon..  These classes are not just an easy chair class, but  the class will challenge you, stretch you, strengthen you and educate you on the best ways for You to practice yoga as you age.  The class will have yoga practice in a chair, standing postures and poses on the mat.  Students choose to remain in the chair for modified poses or to join in the standing or floor practice only if it is appropriate.  Yoga practice, when done right for You, will lead to a healthier life with less pain, more ease, more endurance and a sense of peace and happiness.


Watch for new Blog posts with the Healthy Aging title.




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