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February 4, 2016

       Side Angle Pose


I practice this pose and triangle pose often, even in the middle of my day.  It might be a modified version, if I have on pants that don't allow a lot of movement - you can even do it in a dress without the very deep bend in the knee.  It resets my hips and makes movement much easier.  I find it useful when I am hiking or doing any repetitive movement for long periods of time.  I always practice it on both sides, holding for 3-5 breaths and then move on with my day.  In your practice, if you have arthritis or pain in the knee, don't bend so far.


Yes, people think I am odd, getting out of the car and stretching at thruway rest stops.  I will arrive in good spirits and with ease in my body.


These poses can help strengthen legs and ankles, open breathing, improve digestion, loosen tension in the spine and shoulder, allow greater movement in walking and running (and skiing or any sport), and improve flexibility.  Consider a little yoga here and there throughout your day.

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