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Yoga for SuperAdults
Keep Moving, Reduce Pain with Gentle Yoga for Great Results


Graceful aging is achieved by staying active.  Whether we are just getting off the couch, or have osteoporosis, high blood pressure, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, chronic pain, limited movement from MS or Parkinsons, etc., we need to keep moving and do so in a gentle and kind way.  Keeping ourselves safe and healthy means choosing a class that does not over-stress our bodies.  The best yoga class is one that improves our health, strength, and flexibility and prevents or improves any conditions that develop as our bodies age. 


For students over 50, 60, and 70, many yoga poses should be modified, depending on our changing health.  Lisa is certified in teaching yoga to seniors and will provide each student with a relaxing, yet challenging experience.  Private classes are also available for those who prefer to individually draw on Lisa's expertise.

Natick and Framingham Senior Chair & Mat Classes

Classes are now offered on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Natick Community Senior Center, and at Open Spirit Center in Framingham on Saturdays. You are welcome to join the Chair and Mat Yoga whether you are able bodied, cautious, or have conditions that limit your mobility and flexibility.  All are welcome to try a class.


Yoga postures are offered in a sequence that moves slowly, draws your attention to the experience of the movement and holding, and allows you to relax.

Discover the                                 Postures are offered both in a chair and on the mat, with the use of a chair for support and modifications.


Join a class with             now.  Start increasing your mobility, strength and flexibility.

Private Yoga Instruction

Need some initial instruction prior to joining a class?  Do you or a loved one have health concerns that require more attention to create a safe and not overwhelming practice at home?  A private class is a great way to get initial instructions and to review the ways your health history may impact your yoga practice.  Learning the modifications that are most helpful to you will make your class or home practice more beneficial and safe.


Want to work one-on-one with a yoga master teacher to create or deepen your personal practice?


Lisa can provide a series of sessions which include an evaluation, recommendations for practice, instruction over several at home classes, and periodic check in and updates to your practice, leading you to an optimum personal yoga practice for health and spiritual progress.

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