Fees and Pricing

Lisa has been teaching Yoga for over 35 years.  Join her in a group or private class for master level instruction.

Class Fees

Live Stream Chair & Mat only

Calendar month Unlimited Chair & Mat classes Tues 3pm and Sat 9am, includes anytime recordings


Live Stream Yoga Unlimited

All classes during month, includes anytime recordings


Private Live Stream Yoga Online

For you (and up to 3 friends)


Senior Yoga Class Series - 7 weeks

Saturdays 9am


Senior Yoga Class - Drop In

Saturdays 9am


Kripalu Class Series - 7 week series

Tuesdays or Thursdays 6pm


Kripalu Class - Drop In Thursdays

Thursdays only


Private Yoga Instruction

Scheduled around class times


Private Instruction Series

At Home Individual Yoga Series, 10 classes


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Reiki and Polarity Sessions

Distance Reiki 30 minutes

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Distance Reiki 15 minutes

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Reiki Session - in person 1 hour

2020 Bethel Maine


Polarity Therapy Session - in person 1 hour

2020 Bethel Maine


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Reiki Trainings

Shoden Trainings

Group Class


Okuden Training

Group Class


Reiho Personal Mastery

Learn Master Symbol and Techniques


Reiki Master Teacher

Teaching Techniques, Attunements and Reiju


Private Instruction

By the hour, individual trainings are typically 4-6 hours


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