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Beginner Yoga focuses on alignment, breath and awareness for a stress reducing and meditative approach to yoga practice. Kripalu yoga is often called Meditation in Motion. Each class ends with a deliciously deep relaxation.


Moderate Yoga offers strengthening and flexibility through a wider range of poses for continuing students. Explore willful surrender through holding to tolerance and beyond. Develop concentration and focus. Spontaneous flow is encouraged.


Chair and Mat Yoga offers SuperAdults 50 and better, a modified approach to safely get all of the benefits of a regular yoga class. Poses are guided in a chair, standing, and on the floor.  Modified poses offered for those who remain seated throughout. Any age is welcome!

Private Yoga will help you strengthen, de-stress and become more mobile by creating an appropriate home practice with individual, specific recommendations for practice, a great start for beginners, or to improve your own personal yoga practice. Use yoga after completion of physical therapy to continue to stretch and strengthen.



Online Live Stream Yoga Classes

Tuesday 3pm: Chair & Mat Senior

Tuesday 6pm: Beginner Yoga

Thursday 6pm: Moderate Yoga

Saturday 9am: Chair & Mat  Senior







     Open Spirit Center: 3/14 - 4/25/20

     7 WEEKS, $90 /or drop-in $15

      No class dates:  class suspended

      Next Series  starts TBD




      A Yoga Leaf:  3/3 - 4/14/20

      7 WEEKS $125, join anytime, no drop-ins

       No class dates:  none

       Next Series:  TBD



Open Spirit Center: 3/5 - 4/16/20,

        7 WEEKS $125, drop-in $20

        No class dates: none

        Next Series: starts TBD



 TUESDAY 3:00 - 4:15 PM, NATICK-online

  (FRIDAY    2:45 - 4:00 PM  NATICK - suspended )

Drop-ins welcome

NATICK Community Senior Center

Weekly ongoing.

No School, No senior center classes

     No class date:  none    

Drop-in with NCSC Activity Card

Live Stream Yoga Classes

How do I sign up for Live Stream Classes?

    Contact Lisa by email or here and she will provide you with the password for the class.  Go to the Live-Stream-Schedule page for the zoom link.

What technology/phone do I need to participate?

    Any technology with internet access or even a telephone (audio access only).  This includes any laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other devices.

Is it hard to access the class?

     It is very easy.  On a laptop you will follow the link provided and it will automatically get you ready to join the class.  Some devices like a tablet or smartphone require an additional step of 1st downloading a Zoom App. LIsa provides a password to enter. 

How much does it cost?

    Monthly unlimited is $40 for all classes, $25 for Chair & Mat only. Individual classes available.  Payment by mail in check ONLY. 

Can I do a private or semi private yoga class online?

    I am scheduling private yoga classes (or semi private up to 4 people).  Contact Lisa for pricing and available times.  Private classes are not offered free.

Can I watch a video of a class at a different time?

    Yes, it is available with the unlimited plan.

Can Lisa do Distance Reiki for Healing?

Yes, Lisa offers distance Reiki for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a profound healing technique where "ki", the healing energy of universe, is shared with you and is used for healing wherever needed. The results are most often a very deep relaxation and pain or symptom relief. A series of sessions can provide additional healing. Treatments consist of gentle contacts of both hands on the head, belly, back and anywhere specific healing is needed. Clients are fully clothed. Treatments can last  ½ hour to 1 ½ hours for a full treatment.


Reiki can also be learned so that you can treat yourself and others. 

Polarity Therapy Healings

Polarity incorporates touch, movement, and introspection to improve awareness, all to balance the human energy field. The goal is to achieve a greater sense of wholeness.... Healing is a natural by-product.


Polarity sessions are deeply relaxing, revitalizing and educational. Sessions are done fully clothed,  seated in a chair or on a table to rebalance the energy fields. Sessions often include educational information on holistic lifestyles and instruction in balancing polarity yoga exercises to do at home.

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