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Stunning Reiki Healing Energy hands
Healing From a Distance

Reiki is a profound healing technique where "ki", the healing energy of universe, is shared with you and is used for healing wherever needed. The results are most often a very deep relaxation and pain or symptom relief.

Reiki Distance Healing brings "whatever is for your highest good" to you, the recipient.  Lisa has offered Reiki distance healing for over 15 years to people like you, all over the planet.  Reiki is most know for its universal healing energy (ki) received in one-on-one sessions.  During our Covid pandemic, it is best received using distance techniques that are an inherent part of Reiki understanding - that we are all one and connected, no matter the apparent distance.


Lisa does 30 minute and 60  minute sessions.  You can also arrange two or more 30 minute sessions which will be separated by a day.  We can schedule to be present together in a Zoom connection or just receive the Reiki traditionally as needed.  Reiki knows when you best need to receive it. Reiki is a perfect synergy to yoga classes.

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